16 April 2011

Satay on Easter

I made these and didn't screw up :P

It took hours, and almost brought me to tears, but I did it. I made satay!
I managed to find some ingredients in an asian shop that's about 20 minutes away. And this is how far I'd go just to have a taste of home.

I just couldn't make a better picture because I have to admit that the longing for something so 'simple' as satay was too great to overcome. It was no longer about taking pictures, it was about finally eating the damn thing.

So yesterday was our last day of school before the Easter holidays and we had a little feast.
We sat down to a huge table of delicacies not just from Singapore, but also from Poland, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Kazachstan.

One of the best things about the Integration Course.

I enjoyed the food so much and I'm glad my classmates loved the Satay too. It did take a lot of effort and patience to make but it was worth it. I would definitely make it again. The best thing was that I was able to share this with those who never tried it before. The looks on their faces when they took a bite - it was all I needed to know that I can SO cook! :P

If I had the money, I'd open my own restaurant right here.

It was fun that day. We exchanged experiences, had a good laugh, made some easter decorations, listened to music, some of us sang, and before we know it the day was over.

So 2 weeks of holiday is ahead of me and I have plans...
On top of making more of my own Singaporean food, I will also be working on a new art card series. Looking forward to this.


  1. All of a sudden I'm looking forward more to your next recipe than your next art project :P

  2. Haha. Me too! Nothing compares to home food.