02 April 2011

Ira's Cheese-crust Pizza Recipe

Mushrooms, tuna, tomatoes, onions, paprika (or pepperoni, whichever you call it)... yummay

This happens when I'm too lazy to cook....

I like pizza. I made this one last week and it turned out pretty good. It's just a little thick but that's how I like it sometimes - extreme pizza.
I took the pictures above before I put the cheese on. The crust is also stuffed with parmesan cheese (I do this after rolling out the dough) so it tastes really good.

Anyone can do this whether or not you're goot at cooking, because it's really damn simple. And I know the recipe to the world's easiest (cheese-crust) pizza.

Here's my pizza dough recipe for 1 pizza (to make two, just double the amount of the ingredients):

First of all, you need 10 things:
  1. Plain flour
  2. Dry yeast
  3. Salt
  4. Sugar
  5. Cooking oil
  6. Warm water
  7. Tablespoon
  8. Teaspoon
  9. Roller (for the dough)
  10. Oven

Step 1: Set the oven to 50°C or 120°F. And get the biggest bowl you can find.

Step 2: Throw into it all the ingredients below
200g - plain flour
1 full tsp - dry yeast
1/2 tsp - salt
1/2 tbsp - sugar

Step 3: Take a spoon and mix everyone together

Step 4: Add in the final ingredients
2 tbsp - cooking oil
100ml - warm water (doesn't really matter how warm, just so long as it's obviously *warm*)

Step 5: Time to knead! Knead, knead, knead. For 10 minutes or more, until the dough looks like the way it's supposed to. If it's too hard, add more water (a little at a time), and if it's too soft and mushy, add more flour - and continue to knead. I usually knead it for 15 minutes, max.

Step 6: Roll out the dough on a baking sheet the best you can. Until it's so thin that you can't roll it out anymore.
Optional: Cut thin slices of parmesan cheese (the typical ones for toast - see picture below) and lay them on the edges. Then roll in the edges so that the cheese gets 'stuffed' in.
Then cover the dough with a piece of cloth and put it in the oven at 50°C (120°F) for 40 minutes to rise. You can also just leave it outside, but that's gonna take you 2 hours.

Step 7: When the dough has risen, turn the oven up to 150°C (350°F) and pre-bake the dough for 15 minutes max. Note: Because all ovens are different, it's best if you keep an eye on it just so you don't over bake yet at this point.

Step 8: Once done, take out the dough, and voila. It's ready for the toppings and spices. And this can be anything you like. I usually start with tomato paste, and the rest is up to you. And I usually pre-fry stuff like onions and meat, so that they don't need ages in the oven to cook.

Step 9: Put the finished pizza (with toppings and all) back into the oven and bake for another 20 minutes. Longer if you have to. However you like it.

And that's it :)
Enjoy and be creative.


  1. Wow, you can make pizza. Awesome. Yeah, it looks a bit thicker than I usually know, but whatever works for you. Love to try yours someday.

    Thanks for visiting FR.

  2. Super yummy! Can you send some in the mail to me please?

  3. @Shida: Sure, babe! Special pizza delivery all the way from Germany.

  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe it's definitely a really good reward for my brother who got his Alcohol Server Certification last week. But still work on the dough first. I'm not really the cook-type but I'd like to do something special for him.