07 March 2011

Way to the daycare centre


Following up on my last post about the volunteer programme:
After school today I went straight to the daycare centre but it wasn’t such an easy place to find. Here in this old, but beautiful city, anything from a library to a discotheque can be hidden in an 800-year-old building that I (to say the least) would mistaken as a church, museum, or a mysterious old empty place. The place is hidden away on a quiet street (see picture), but I was there before I finally realized it.

I rang, the door opened, and a woman greeted me. I said hi and let her know that I was interested in the volunteer program and that I was referred to them by the German Red Cross. She asked for a minute to check if there’s anyone in the office so I waited at the staircase. Then she called me to come upstairs, which I did, and guided me towards the office. I knocked without even stopping to take a breath (because I was really nervous). So in I walked and introduced myself. The woman at the table looked at me suspiciously (foreigner alert) but seemed rather curious. I was a little self-conscious of my german but I did my very best to explain what I was there for.

In the end she told me that we would have to arrange a date and time for an official interview. So we arranged it for next Tuesday, March 8th, at 13:30. I didn’t stay for long, so towards the end of the conversation I thanked her for her time and wished her a nice week ahead.
I walked home feeling good because I just did that by myself and didn’t need any help from anyone. But on the other hand I was wondering what the hell did I just get myself into.

I’ll write about how it goes.

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