16 March 2011

Grey Wednesday

On Tuesday the 8th of March, I went to the interview at the daycare centre - the very first one I've had to do completely in German. I'd have to say that it went really well and I had very little problems understanding and speaking.

Two ladies interviewed me, and they talked about what the daily routines are like and so on. We also talked about the differences in early childhood education in Singapore and Germany. And one of the things mentioned was the fact that almost every child in Singapore have to wear school uniforms once they enter 'school' (meaning kindergarten or even daycare centres for that matter).

They showed me the place and I was pretty impressed at how everything's a little more practical than I thought. For example, a balcony with a rooftop where the kids can play in whether or not the weather's good. Or a gym-hall right next to the eating area where the children can throw themselves around all they want and at the same time not go out of sight.

It was great. I had fun and when I saw some of the kids there I was just... lost... in a good way. Haha. I thought to myself, wow, I could start working right this second!
But unfortunately it doesn't quite work like that. But all that reminded me of what I had missed in the past year.

One thing that was kinda disappointing was that, the centre is going through some changes at the moment and they're not quite sure yet if they need a volunteer. So... it's not good news, or bad news, I'm afraid. I'd have to wait until I hear from them.

Until then, I lean back again, go through my everyday life, and work on my German. (And you know, sometimes I just don't want to learn it or even speak it anymore - days when I just have enough of it.) But at the moment everything's okay.

Today has been a very grey and foggy day. I hadn't seen the sun. But school today was good. One of us had a birthday and we surprised her with a bunch of pink and purple Orchids and tons of bright yellow balloons. She was overwhelmed and we were all happy for her.

I'll be cuddling up on my sofa tonight while catching a football (soccer) match.
And the picture above by the way - those were flowers Michael surprised me with last week on a very special day. :)

I'm not a big fan of flowers, and he knows, but as far as being a woman is concerned: beautiful things are always appreciated. The flowers make our kitchen look alive and they're still beautiful today.


  1. your hair looks really messy

  2. You look gorgeous in this pic.

  3. OMG TOM.. I'm never good enough for you :'( *sobs*