19 February 2011

Zombie days

Out of my german grave I hop. Temporarily I get my existence back online desperately trying to catch up with what I might have possibly missed during my absence in the past 3 weeks.
No matter how long I may be gone, you know I'll be back.....

I sense that I haven't really missed that much this time. I miss unlimited internet surfing, I miss my Evanescence CDs, I miss my Interview With a Vampire DVD, I miss my Vampire Chronicles books, I miss eating really good fish, and I miss reading a 400-page boring novel on a jam-packed public transport.

Know what I did yesterday?
I watched Twilight. That's how delusional I've been.
I feel like this woman who injected her face with cooking oil and got really sick and deformed all because she couldn't get her hands on botox.

I haven't had that much contact with my family back home. Esepcially my mum. There isn't really that much to say. It makes me feel sad thinking about it. I think I'm homesick.

Each morning I walk to school paying attention to the steps I take since the streets have been so icy lately. It stings between my cheeks when I inhale the cold morning air, but I like it when I see my breath in the air when I exhale.
The winter is fading as we speak. It's still below zero outside, but spring flowers have emerged. Tulips and daisies slowly peek out of the ground. Not so many of them yet, but very soon. If we're lucky, the sun will come out in March. If not then we'll still see snow even in April.

Just a few days ago I realized how real (and normal) it is not to see the sun in this part of the world. Just clouds. Thick, grey clouds. I don't even remember the last time I saw my own shadow.

School has been both good and boring. In the past week or so the teacher did (and pretty much encouraged) so much talking. Just talking. One thing that's hard to resist when you're a woman, right? I do find talking interesting, yes, especially when learning a new language, just not for 2 hours in a row. So painful...
I'm the read-or-write type, and learn best when I do so. So I just follow through. I hope the coming weeks will be a little more educational.

Moving on...

I did not prepare a list of posts to schedule on my blog this time around. Though I wish I had. It's one of those times when I just lose out to the endless chain of thoughts which never seem to have a weakest link. During my zombie days I bite my own skin and flesh off. Then come the days when I just want to spread the love. That's why I envy those who have discipline in their lives more than I do. Those who just do things without planning like The Joker - if only he was real.

There's so much that I want to do online but everything's just gonna have to wait. The thought of it frustrates meeeee. *breathe*

Still catching up on my Sookie Stackhouse novels - the only vampire 'thing' that makes sense that I have at the moment. In the beginning I have to say that it's really... weirdly written. It's this typical girly way of narrating. I see some strange connections to everything vampire that I've come across in the past but I've given it the benefit of the doubt. I've had to mentally bend and break myself into the story just to be able to see where it's going. But it has its little bits and specks of surprises. A little here and there. Somewhere a clever word, elsewhere a clever sentence.

So far I'm not so intrigued yet. But I've been keeping myself busy with this and I'm curious.


  1. Welcome back.

    Watching Twilight isn't such a bad thing. Yes, it's a take on the vampire mythology that you don't like, but like I've said before, you have so many similarities with Bella, so it's fitting in some ways.

    By the way, if you're looking for a good vampire film, try Let Me In. It has everything that'll squash the Twilight bad taste from your mouth, and the acting is so much better.

    Hope you'll get over your homesickness soon.

  2. I've heard of the film. Thanks. Will look it up.

  3. Your Interview with A Vampire is still lovingly cared by me~ I watched at aloottt alooott of times already and still watching it. Hahahha daijyobu desho =D