04 February 2011

Evanescence and We Are The Fallen

I'm a fan of Evanescence. Been ever since they came around. But it's been so long since I read up on them. So I was curious lately, and eventually I heard that their next album's release was delayed. It was supposed to be in fall 2010.

And lately I also found out that We Are The Fallen has 3 ex-band members from Evanescence. I listened to a couple of previews of them and it's striking how similar the two are. Different, still.... but scary....

I'm listening to We Are The Fallen at the moment because I really miss my Amy.
Oh, I really hope Evanescence comes around soon. Don't go all M2M on me.


  1. WATF is cool to me. Carly was my bet on AI. But then I still like Amy to be with Ben and the two others in a band :(

  2. Argghh i miss Evanescence. I miss Ben the most!! D:

  3. @Rhea: Good to hear from you, sis :)
    Sadly good things come to an end too. Even Evanescence was by far the best in Fallen. It still works without Ben, but it's just a little weird.

    @Aysh: I know! *sigh* so sad... Ben writes really cool stuff.