30 January 2011

Viral infection

I woke up early Saturday morning with a little sting in my stomach. I had smoked-salmon sandwich for breakfast, then homemade pizza for lunch. And the pain just got worse.

Had to lie down all afternoon, and vomit 3 to 5 times, hopelessly waiting for diarrhea but there was none. The cramps in my stomach felt more and more severe, I told Micha I couldn't take it anymore.

It was a Saturday evening and the only available medical attention is the hospital. We made our way there, good thing it's less than 5 minutes away by taxi. In the waiting room I could hardly sit upright. Just bent over since breathing itself was hard enough. And the pain just lingered.

The doctor called my name and I went in. I told him what was wrong and after checking and listening to my very loud stomach noises, he concluded that it was viral. He asked if there's diarrhea, I said no. He also asked if I had any sort of operation before such as Appendectomy, I said no. All I knew was there's something my stomach is trying to fight off with its own acids, and because of that it's eating itself up.

He gave me an injection, prescribed me some kind of medicinal drops and pills to calm the acids, and gave me three workdays to recover. He said, "...trinken Sie viel, besonders warmes Wasser oder schwarzen Tee, und alles wird besser." Drink a lot, especially warm water or black tea, and everything will be better.

We got to the pharmacy, got what I needed and went home.
Once there I had to throw up once again. Really badly this time. It didn't just come out of my mouth but out of my nostrils too and that was just motherfucking gross. I didn't expect that. But okay. It wasn't like I could hold anything back if my body wants to extremely reject everything.

Afterwards I sipped some of this tea (bought it from the pharmacy too), and crashed. Somewhere in between not-really-sleep I took some of the medicinal drops to calm down the stomach acids. The pain was still there, 2, 3, 4 hours on. Each time I changed positions it hurt. Lifting my right leg also hurt. It felt like I had fire in my stomach.

6 hours on and I opened my eyes.
80% of the pain was gone. I could walk, get something bland to eat, and when I consumed, for the first time in hours there were no immediate pain.

My stomach still aches from all the cramping and stress, but I no longer feel nauseated.

€30 was spent on all this... *sigh*... wasted.


  1. It's not a waste if you're getting better. Glad to know you're okay now.

  2. and all i can is, suck it up princess. drugs are not cheap

    go look for better food now