22 January 2011

Rant of the week

I am beginning to hate this layout because it will not listen to me. Does the text show up italicised on your screen? Coz it is on mine and despite removing every word that spells 'italic' in the html, everything's still in italic. How? I know I taught myself HTML, and it was all good until XML came along (and God knows what else after that), so.... ich hab' kein Bock mehr. Not interested to go into all the complex technicalities. It's not like I have a lot of online time for research, trials and errors.

Speaking of online time, going without internet is killing me. Lucky school started again 2 weeks ago. Boredom gets sliced in half to say the least. Since I only get internet at least once a week, I spend the other days compiling my blog posts and then letting my blog do all the work.
I wonder if any of you remember my Diaryland blog from back in 2002 or so. I deleted all my posts, and now I wonder why I did that... hm... doesn't matter.

Over the next couple of days I will be writing a little bit about Germany. Mostly my experience here and how some things work. I realized that I hadn't written much about it so it would be a cool thing to share.

What sucks is how much I realize I need online research for inspiration, because when it comes to painting that really helps. I'm going through a blank phase at the moment. But I'll just have to rip my way out of it somehow.
I'm caught in between 4 big things:

  1. Family drama (the hopeless case)
  2. Integration course (2 tests to do well enough in)
  3. Applying for work (nothing new, but going through all that in german - very new :-S)
  4. Building my art portfolio on a regular basis

It's amazing how these thing weigh down on me. Everyday I have to remind myself: one thing at a time, and prioritise. All except point number 1 goes both ways, it's both straining and exciting. It's been too much mental stress for me that I feel like I'm being sucked in. Those are what my bad days could be like.

Lately Micha and I have been speaking in German a lot more than we used to.
I like it. :) Even though I make some mistakes, it's all good. You have no idea how hard it is to rip german words out of the head. But it's a neat challenge.

I feel pretty much like this guy in his video titled 'I (don't) want to practice german'. But he's way better than I am. Sorry for the lack of subtitles, but his body language says it all. At some point he speaks about how certain german learners hardly put effort in trying to get pronunciations right, how some claim they could speak german just because they could read it, how some make videos but prepared a script to read or memorize from beforehand, and the fact that even for him it takes a kind of effort that's just not easy but he tries nonetheless.

Moving on... with everything around me being so german... what remains pretty much Malay is the food I've been having for the past week: NASI GORENG! WOohoo... It's basically fried rice with some veggies, egg or chicken. Flavoured by onions, garlic, chili, and some vegetable or chicken buillon powder. Yum yum. I made this everyday of the week last week and I'm still not sick of it. Haha.

Micha's cooking this weekend - Indian cuisine. One of our favourite types of food. :) The apartment smells really good!


  1. No, your text does not show up in italics. But something else is weird. I have SC on my list of updated blog entries on my blog, and everytime your blog has a new entry, I go over there and the new entry isn't published. It's only when I check back later the second time and it's there. Happened twice now.

    Your nasi goreng looks tasty. Thanks for writing back.

  2. My posts are scheduled at the moment so sometimes I publish them for a second or two just to see what it looks like.