16 January 2011

Please have a little patience

I woke up early Monday morning since I had to go to language school. The Intergration Course has begun and I’m just glad that I could carry on learning.

When I arrived at the school, I didn’t know where I should go. I asked the secretary and she showed me the right classroom. The first person I saw was the teacher. She looks like a Japanese, I thought. But when she spoke, I realized she was Russian.

There were around 10 students. I got myself a seat and then introduced myself. Everyone looked at me coz I was the new toy. They started the course 2 months ago – without me coz I already completed two courses.

I was curious. I wanted to know what’s new. But there was nothing new. The books on the tables were ‘A1’ books (beginner level). Before the course began none of them could speak German. I mean, I’m a beginner, but my classmates are Superbeginners.

My first lesson was a little boring. In the end the teacher asked me what I thought about everything. I only said that everything’s alright. Then she told me that I’m already very good (in German), and that I should have a little patience.

Maybe I spoke a little too much in class or maybe I forgot that I didn’t want to be perfect, that I could also make mistakes, and that I didn’t want to speak (or work) faster than the others. No idea. I felt weird. Despite that I understood. In the next lessons I’ll try to act a bit more dumb. Haha.


  1. This class of yours ought to be interesting.

    Ira, I need to consult you about Singapore. Can I contact you please?

  2. this is what i'm thinking when i retake my Japanese lessons. hahahah!

  3. @Aaron: Yes, check your email.

    @Aysh: You know exactly what it's like then. Haha :P