19 December 2010

Skinny Genes (Jeans)

Outift of the day one month ago... when there wasn't so much snow.

Taking walks has been pretty much like doing cardiovascular workouts. Goslar is so snowy that there hasn't been a day without snow on the streets since it snowed last month. What did it feel like treading through fresh thick snow? It's like walking on thick mud, just dryer and colder.

The worst I've walked through was snow calf-deep! Waa...
Going to the grocery with my trolley was just impossible, so that made it even worse when I've got things to carry.

These days I'm armed with real boots for walking in snow, a really warm hooded jacket, and a cadet hat. Because I have to say... once I had to walk through a snow storm here and that was just furchtbar.

Winter has a dark side too. :)

So 2 days to go to our flight.
Feels weird to think about wearing summer clothes again soon.