11 December 2010

10 Days to Singapore

Christmas gifts from my neighbour: A teddybear, childrens comics, and magazines. LOL.

Wow! Two weeks of no internet.
How am I still sane? Someone tell me.
I thought I only planned on living without a cellphone?


This evening I bring news of my planned return to my little island 10 days from today.
Michael and I will be flying together for the very first time. Ever.
The thought of it is almost... freaky... because it had never been that way. It was always me on the plane alone for 13 hours feeling as if I was taking a very, very long train ride just to see someone. But this time there's no more 'flying home'. This time we'll be in each other's company.

Looks like I'll be taking a short break from winter and taking in the warm equatorial 33°C which has been absent for so many months now considering where I am. Besides that, we will be visiting my family and spending some time with them. All of which news would have to be announced to them eventually - news I haven't spoken of here yet either, but I hope to do so when the trip is over and I make it back to Germany.

This trip is only a small part of all the things we have been doing just to make it possible for Micha and I to quit being long-distanced from each other. 4.5 years with a year at a time (or more) without seeing each other was just way too long.
This WHOLE thing hasn't been easy, especially personally for me. As much as I am looking forward to this trip, it's also wrecking my nerves. I wonder how my family is going to react to the things I am going to tell them... and I'm not holding my hopes up too high.

It's been too long that sometimes I find myself thinking too much into it that it pulls me down beyond under... and I just break down. Because I realize that I don't always have to make ends meet.

So we will be flying with Emirates with a stopover in Dubai. Total flying time will be 16-17 hours or so, not including the transit and all that stuff.
It's going to be a long, tiring way.

Let's hope that there won't be snow chaos in Frankfurt 10 days from now, and that I survive this trip sane.


  1. are you trying to burn the teddy?
    btw, you lied to me last year, you should know what i'm referring to

  2. 2 weeks of no internet? I wouldn't have lasted 2 days.

    As for the news you're going to break to them, all the best of luck to you. You're right, it won't be easy. But I know you'll find a way to make it work.

    Have a safe flight.

  3. @Yelly: No, just warming him up. And I have no idea what you are referring to. Refresh my memory.

    @Aaron: Thanks.. this is it.

  4. whatever you texted me about after i got back to HK. wait, or was that during the time i called you