06 November 2010

Yearly disposable color contact lenses review: Solotica Hidrocharme Mel on dark brown asian eyes

Product: Solotica Hidrocharme Mel
Description: Annual or yearly disposable color contact lenses
Where I bought it: www.wrlens.com
Bought in: September 2010
Cost (USD): $75.00 + $36.16 (shipping to Germany) = $111.16

Example of the casing that came with it.

How long have I been using Solotica lenses?
I've been using these lenses every year since 2009 and am very happy with them :)

What does the color Mel look like on my eye?
On my eye it looks greenish. And I have natural dark brown eyes, almost black.

  • it fits perfectly
  • it feels comfortable and I barely notice that I'm wearing any contacts
  • I can wear my contacts for up to 10 hours max with no discomfort (varies on people)
  • There is a noticable change in my eye color, although not too much because the Hidrocharme series is more translucent than the Hidrocor series.
  • The service by wrlens.com is good and I haven't had any problems so far
  • I've received tons of compliments on my new eye color

  • The contact lenses and shipping are expensive (prices may have increased at the site now too)
  • Shipping takes sooo long. I have waited 2 months for them to arrive in Germany. So I always order well in advance before my old lenses expire.
  • The Hidrocharme Mel lenses are less suitable for darker eyes like mine since you might not notice any color change at all. But if you want a more natural look, then they're perfect!

Some pictures in natural daylight:

Lense cleaning:

Since these lenses will be around for one year, I make sure that I keep a good habit at keeping them clean.
Here are the two different solutions that I use.

My daily lense-cleaning routine:
I use OPTI-FREE (any version) to clean my lense daily with.
I always rub my lenses even if tha package may say that I don't need to.
And I buy the twin packs which lasts me about 5-6 months.

And my weekly lenses deep-cleaning routine:
I use AOSEPT Plus to deep-clean my lenses once a week (every Friday).
I place them in the capsule for at least 6 hours and for a maximum of 5 days.
And then I use OPTI-FREE to rinse them off before using them again.


Solotica lenses are specially made for people with naturally dark eyes so if you'd like to invest in a good pair of long-term soft color contact lenses than I would highly recommend Solotica Lenses. They come with and without eye power. Other than Hidrcharme Mel, I've also used Hidrocor Ice (which made my eyes silver blue) and for 2013 I used Hidrocor Mel, which gave me a more intense green.

I hope this helped! :)


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