22 November 2010

Snowing this afternoon, snowing this evening

The streetlights are dim, believe me. But the snow reflects them so well that the city glows tonight.

Micha came home today with cold feet and soaking shoes.

"Did you survive?" I asked.
"Yeah," he said, with his bag in one hand, umbrella on the other, and relieved to be warm inside again. "Streets are so unwalkable."
"And you need winter boots," I said.

We had early dinner, then hot chocolate later, and talked about our day. And now, I'm back to painting. A preview is already up on my art blog.


  1. Awesome view. If only I had snow here.

  2. Time to (sooooo) build ugly snowman again! HAHAHAH.

    <3 from San Francisco

  3. @Aaron: Will summon the cold winds south-eastwards full force :)

    @Shida: Right back at ya, babe. Send me postcards! :D