04 November 2010

My lost lenses arrived

Sorry if this post turns out in a mess. It's my first time trying to update my blog - with pictures and all - via email. I'm typing on my old HTC phone since my laptop's dead.

So... I ordered my first pair of one-year lenses from WrLens.com and got them delivered to Singapore in like, 3 weeks. Everything went well, I thought, hey, could probably buy from them again.

This year I ordered for the lenses to be shipped to Germany, and it took 6 weeks! And in between, they gave me the wrong tracking number, and the post office sent me a letter saying that the package went poof! - missing.


The good thing though, was that the company responded to my emails, and was rather helpful enough to follow up on what's going on.

So after letting Deutsche Post know that I did not receive the package (when I still hadn't), and after getting an email from WrLens saying that they'll investigate, the bell rang today and surprisingly, it arrived.

So... After checking if everything was what I actually ordered and still in one piece, I informed WrLens that I got it. Finally.

I like their lenses since they're made specially for really dark eyes, and people can't tell that I'm wearing them (amusing but true), and they last for one year with the proper hygiene and care routine, which means I save a lot as compared to getting monthly or daily contacts, like I did earlier on when I just started using them.

I'm excited to try them on. And I haven't mentioned what the colour is yet so stick around, I'll write about it and include a picture or two. I ordered something different this time and I'm dead curious. It might be good, or not, don't know, we'll see.

Gonna surprise baby with it too :)
He has no idea.