12 November 2010

Let it be good

A little update on the week and on what's planned for the weekend.

(Hm... and frankly speaking, I admit that 'the week' is a rather useless subject to blog about sometimes.)

Micha hasn't been feeling so well this week, he's been given the week off from work to recover. It's the time everyone seems to be sick. But it's just the cough.
He sounds like a rocker now since he partially lost his voice. Hehe.

I had a sore throat last weekend but a fever came to the rescue. Which was not very nice but it was something worth being thankful for. The cough didn't get to me that much so I'm okay.

Micha went to the doctor, was then pescribed some painkillers (strange, coz I thought antibiotics are the norm, but I guess whatever he had it must've been viral instead of bacterial), and feeling a lot better now than he did on Monday.

With the time we had this week, we spent it helping each other recover - him from the cough, and me from too much time alone.

It was fun having him accompany me to the grocery again.
He took me to a place called 'Aqua-Terrarium' where we looked at different kinds of fish, reptiles and aquarium plants.
We took walks.
Cleaning the place was interesting... I'm lucky ;P.
Cuddling, cooking for each other, watching movies, watching Dr House season 6, falling asleep in each other's arms...

I was also curious about the new PES2011 (Wii) game he bought - a football game - and with patience he taught me how to play it and even explained the technicalities and jargons in this wonderfully complicated world of football.
I felt like an idiot in the beginning, but in a good way. I couldn't count how many funny moments there were in the game. But I'm getting the hang of it. I'll say that it feels good to be educated about the sport. :P
We found something new in common.

Micha's family will be coming over for lunch tomorrow, and I'll be the cook for that day. I look forward to that, coz one thing I love to do is cooking *and* knowing that the ones I serve trust me with it as they enjoy the food.

After lunch, his mum will be driving us all to Göttingen, where I will be until late Sunday. We'll be watching the last F1 race of the season (Abu Dhabi), and maybe I'll catch up with his mum a little. It's been awhile, and she's one of the few persons I could practice my german with in a very relaxed way.

I plan to meet up with some friends there too, but no promises yet. Although that would be cool. But it seems like everybody's just a little more preoccupied lately. If I do get bored, though, I'll do my readers a favour and think of something a little more interesting to share next week.

Until then, here's to a good weekend ahead. Make the most of it whether you're spending it alone or with others. Moments are only ever good enough when you allow them to be :)


  1. can you play that pes 2011 online via the wii network?