02 November 2010

Embracing grunge

...and a little moment with my table lamp in the dark.

I'm putting my hair through detox. It's going through a once-a-week-baby-shampoo routine. It is also going all rebellious on me.

It occurs to me that no matter what shampoo I use, it eats at my hair. It either makes it so damn dry and frizzy, or it starts to flake and itch. And the more I obsess over it the more stressful I become and stress isn't all that good for hair.

On the other hand, the more stuff I put on my hair the more it backfires. Like really bad karma. I shampoo everday but it gets all dried up and frizzy. I take it as a bad thing. I shampoo three times a week and it gets all icky in between washes. I take that as... hm... I wasn't quite sure so I read up on it.

There are so many home-treatments out there that can be used for the scalp's nutrition. There's one reason I found out as to why the scalp (at least mine) gets a little too oily after 48 hours or so. Most commercial shampoos strip everything off hair and scalp, including the natural oils that they depend on, leaving hair all 'squeaky clean' after a wash.
Good to feel.
Bad for the hair.

And because of all that routine natural-oil-stripping ritual, the scalp then backfires after just a short time. It would reproduce its natural oil at breakneck speed so it could replace what was lost quickly enough before it gets stripped off again.
Because of that we often think that we need more shampooing coz it makes you feel gross. And of course it is. Scalps aren't supposed to be too oily.

I normally have problems with the dry- and frizziness more than the oilyness.
But now, I'm on my 2nd week of my once-a-week-shampoo routine, and it's been 5 days since my last wash. I have that wet look as if I'm walking in the rain. Gross, really. :S
But I have to wait it out. 2 more days to go until next wash, scalpy! You can do it!

My experiment:
  • To use baby shampoo once a week (one without the SLS stuff - culprit for all that frizz)
  • Using conditioner at the ends only, never on the scalp
  • Washing and rinsing with cool water; not warm or cold
  • Gently brushing my long hair each morning and night to distribute natural oils
  • Waiting it out until the natural scalp oil stabilizes and my hair gets used to this routine

Before the experiment:
These problems started when I came to Germany, where the lack of humidity and the temperatures upset my hair.
  • Hair breaks easily
  • Frizzy and won't stay still
  • Falls out in the shower (suicidal, eh)
  • Scalp pain
  • Just hair being a bunch of nuisance on my head

Waiting it out - The experience:
  • Hair's a lot easier to brush now, less tangles
  • Very oily during the 1st week (the backfire), but half as frizzy, which is good
  • Less oily during the 2nd week, which means 3rd week next week should be a lot less
  • Tingly feelings on my scalp
  • Less hairfall in the shower over the days
  • No scalp pain at all (amazing!)
  • Loving the grunge look on my hair... :)

I'm curious about how this will turn out over the weeks.


  1. I like the new header on SC. Simple but outstanding.

  2. lol i only wash my hair 2 times a week.and you're right they get very oily for the first week, they just need to get use to it. as for home remedies try soaking olive oil(not cooking ones) on the ends for 35-40mins and rinse. :D as for me i soak candle nut oil in my hair haahha

  3. @Aaron: Yep. It's why I decided on it.

    @Aysh: Olive oil is amazing! Tried it. Better than the Dove hair treatment cream thingy I have. :D