05 October 2010

Making my own cornrows (braids)

Early this morning: just the beginning.

I've done cornrows on the heads of other people like my sister, her friend, and Micha (back in 2007 when he had really long hair - a moment I seized, and he looked so good after that :P) When I did this for others I mostly do their whole head, and that would take me 3-4 hours, depending on how long their hair is and how small or big they want the braids or cornrows to be. The more rows I do, the longer it would take.

I've never 'cornrowed' my own hair before and there were times I wished there was someone out there who could do it for me. But well, sometimes you just gotta do things yourself, so this was my first attempt. I started early this morning, knowing that it was gonna be hard, especially since the only way for me to see what I'm doing is by using the mirror where everything's... mirrored.

But I was determined. And instead of doing my whole head, I started off doing halfway first just to see if it works. I had to start over around 3 times since I had to get my hand-eye-coordination in order.
The entire process took me around an hour.

I took some pictures along the way, just to show the steps:

1) Parted my hair the way I want it, tied the rest back

2) Started on the right part (my right), braiding one row at a time downwards towards the ear.
I braid each row a little longer than halfway just so that when I secure them with rubberbands, they don't go loose.

3) Moved on to the left part (my left) now. I braided the rows slightly on an angle instead of straight back just to have a little design at the end.
I started with the shortest (45°-row) that can be seen there at the top and then moving on towards the ear until I'm done.

Fertig!: I did it :)

I could keep my hair this way for 3 days or so. The longest I could go is one week though I doubt I'd let it. Washing the hair this way is also possible, just have to do it gently.

So... that was what I did before breakfast this morning. Now time to get ready for a language test at the new school. Hm, I wonder how Micha would react when he gets home today, hehe.