01 October 2010

Hello October

I opened the windows tonight to let some fresh, cold air in. I picked up a warm, musky scent. Someone's chimney was filling the chill in the air with that cosy burning fireplace smell.
I loved it.

Times like these remind me of late night walks. There's nothing much to see other than what the dim streetlights 50 meters apart from each other can reach. So other senses take over.
I still remember the night walks in the forest early in Summer with Micha when the only things I saw were fireflies. Now the trees are turning to gold.

I look forward to some things this month. I'll be taking a small german test this coming Tuesday at a new school. I have to take a different kind of course now, not only a langauge course but everything in the field of 'Integration'. Which level of the Integration Course I can get into depends on how well I do the test that day. I'll be going to the new institution (proudly on my own :P, coz I'm a big girl) and my goal is to be good enough for the level B1.
There are levels A1 to C3, I think... It's a long way. But graduating all levels mean that I have all the knowledge I need to be fluent in German. And by all means I am determined to be (I can actually say that on a day like today when german isn't actually getting on my nerves).

Conversations in German with Michael is funny sometimes, and other times it feels pretty normal to me. I like hearing the way he native-speaks. So natural when he doesn't have to think so much - remember rules, recall words, build sentences, pronounce correctly, etc. But he's a good 'coach' :)

Moving on to some art-related news. A friend of mine from Panama will be coming back to Germany in mid October. He'd like to see my artworks and I'm excitedly feeling the butterflies on my skin just thinking about someone actually coming to see my babies. :P

So, first up: Friday. Early afternoon is the time to welcome my greatest man with a big warm Ira-hug when he returns from work. I shall be preparing a little playlist of some of his favourite songs from the 80s on my MP3 Player. Something he could enjoy whenever he goes on the treadmill.

Til later. Wishing everyone a good weekend.


  1. Michael likes 80s music? That's interesting. Maybe you can enlighten me on what he likes.

    That's a good pic of you. You look tired though.

  2. Is that a gas or electric stove?
    For some reason, I read your word as interrogation. I was like, wtf.......
    Ignore you later
    *haha, my captha is redic*

  3. @Aaron: I look tired because I was.

    @yelly: That's an electric stove.
    And yeah, I'll be taking an Interrogation Course some day. :P