28 October 2010

A bouquet of roses

I spent a few interesting hours in the kitchen yesterday making BBQ chicken with rice, sweet sour vegetables and curry cheese sauce.

When Micha arrived he said hello and told me that he had something for me. He then handed me a bundle of roses. Then I realized, wow, it was the first time he's given me flowers. :)
Something I didn't expect at all, but it was nonetheless a sweet gesture. I took a small vase for it and now the flowers are in the living room. Ties the room together :P

At the moment I'm typing on my old HTC phone via wi-fi because my laptop won't startup after hanging. What's wrong is a missing or corrupted file which is needed for booting. It's a fixable problem, but I don't have the stuff I need like a Windows XP CD and an internal Disk-drive. It's so frustrating since I've got data in there that I can't retrieve, and my art research and updates are stopped short.

So... I'll be focusing more on finishing 3 more paintings sooner than planned. And maybe practice some more german fullforce?

For now, a short early morning walk is much needed.
It's cold enough outside for jackets and boots!

Have a great weekend.

@Tom: Sorry can't ignore you more than I already have to :P


  1. I can't imagine cheese being combined with curry, I wonder what that tastes like.

    Good luck with your files.

  2. very good actually. like curry and coconut milk, just creamier. and the curry was mild.