11 October 2010

Art Movements: Abstract Expressionism

"At a certain moment the canvas began to appear to one American painter after another as an arena in which to act. What was to go on the canvas was not a picture but an event."

- Harold Rosenberg
(writer, educator, philosopher, art critic)

  • Origin: New York City
  • Period: 1940s - 1950s
  • Style: Rebellious, anarchic, highly idiosyncratic and, some feel, rather nihilistic

Below are my personal favourites by some important artists during the Abstract Expressionism movement:

Willem de Kooning,
Woman V (1952-53)

"I see the canvas and I begin... It's a necessary evil to get into the work, and it's pretty marvelous to be able to get out of it."

Jackson Pollock,
The She-Wolf (1943)

"Painting is no problem. The problem is what to do when you're not painting."

Theodore Roszak,
Surface Embellishments For Mit Bell Tower And Spire (1956)

Richard Pousette-Dart,
Crucifixion, Comprehension of the Atom (1944)

Richard Pousette-Dart,
Symphony No.1, The Transcendental (1941-42)

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