15 September 2010

What I'm doing

Working on a new painting, 'Bundle of Labels'.

It's been so long since my last work, but a couple of new paintings are on their way and I have so much time to focus on them. I started working on Bundle of Labels yesterday, a painting inspired by Eckhart Tolle. I'm making larger paintings now. Someday I will get back to making art cards again.

It feels really good to get my hands on the new paintbrushes that I recently got during my last few weeks in Göttingen. They were expensive but they do their job very well. I'm pretty impressed :)

For now I'm working in my quiet cosy little kitchen, the room in the house that receives the last of daylight, so I could spend more time during the day painting if I wanted to.
My time online is limited, so I might just go on a Blog-updating frenzy when I do get the chance to come online. Like today. Haha.

I'll be posting progresses and finished artworks on this blog, so stick around.

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