23 September 2010

Shopping trolley - check!

Carrying 9 kilos of Mirinda (and 2 kilos of other stuff) was made so much easier with this 'Einkaufsroller'. It only got tough when I had to carry it up 2 levels to get to our apartment. At least I didn't almost-die like I did the other day carrying 6 kilos of stuff or so from the supermarket.

It was also funny when on my way to the store, a car that was driving by (fast!) honked and when I looked I saw two guys in it waving at me.
It would actually make sense if I knew them. And usually people here don't do that, not to someone who looks totally different than everyone else anyway. It was like once during my first week in Goslar when a little boy who was walking past me smiled and said hello.


  1. might be they want to pick you up to give you a ride to nowhere

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