21 September 2010

First letters from Germany

Paper connections.

In Singapore, the post office is one of my best friends.
I've just gotten acquainted with one in Germany.

Here are a bunch of letters that are my first bunch sent by me from Germany. Some are personal letters and some are important documents sent to the relevant authorities. Can't believe I'm still dealing with them at this point.
It was fun putting them all together nontheless and throwing them into the mailbox knowing that some of them are going international. Gosh I sound like a child who's just discovered the world of letter writing! Yay.

It's time for dinner now, I just made some vegetarian curry with rice. My first curry in a long long time. Mmm.. Taking a warm shower after that and then cuddling up on the sofabed to watch a german film about the Lochness Monster, the new season of House MD and Monk.

So much TV tonight it seems, but only because I can understand what I hear a lot more now.


  1. House in German. Everything here is in German except for BBC and CNN.