28 August 2010

Writing from Goslar

So much happened in the past week. I am still catching up.

Mohrle was buried last Monday, at around 15:15 at a pet cemetary in Göttingen.
I accompanied Michael and his family and we said our final goodbyes.

I'm writing now from Goslar, and this is where I will be from now on.
The move was the most stressful thing this week, but for me it was the week before the move and the weeks after. Packing, taping, making lists of lists, getting there, unpacking, cleaning, and learning something new all over again.

It's now day 3.
The weather has been cold and wet. Yesterday - as I saw in the news - it rained 3 times as much as it normally does in August. It reminds me of the monsoon season at home and that's really nice. It's fair and dry today, but I am still grateful for my new pair of home shoes that's so snuggly that it keeps my feet (and me) warm.

I like the new apartment. Perhaps soon I could take some pictures.
It was not the first thing on my mind when the first things to do the moment we (Michael and I) get here is to make sure we've gotten all the important things out of the way like electricity, gas, water, safety issues, informing officials, buying the necessities for our new home, and the list goes on.
But it's a very cosy place. Small and big enough for two. Clean, spacious (surprisingly), with wood-panel floors and ceilings, soft yellow walls, and the best thing yet: a really nice attic.

My next language course will be soon, here in small-town Goslar.
It won't be the same as in Göttingen, with the lessons, as well as where the school is located. In Göttingen my school was right next to Micha's workplace, but here we will be away from each other during the day since his new workplace and my school would be around 30-minutes apart on foot. Despite that, we'll be fine.

I tried to get in contact with the entire family back home on Skype today, but it didn't work out at all. My grandma misses me and wanted to talk to me. Audio was bad, and visual didn't exist at all. Thanks to the new internet connection we have at the moment that doesn't allow SHIT.
But it has to be better than nothing so I'll take what I get.

And I still wonder why on earth do people look for me when I'm out of Singapore.
When I'm home NOBODY cares about Ira. Hoho. When I don't care anymore and I decide that I need some time to myself far far away, then everyone looks for me. "Ira? Where are you now?" "Call me!" "Email me!" "Write to me!" "Text me!" "When are you coming back?" "How much longer will you still be away?"
On and on...
I bet if I go home now, all that looking-for-me stops just like that.

Moving on....
Lately we've been slowly settling down, checking out places, making calculations, lists, plans, so on and so forth. And it's going well so far. We're glad with the fact that we could get by without having to overspend. We're both curious at how we can make this possible, and we shall know more in a month or two.

I have a lot to think about and once I've caught my breath again, it will all come to me.

One thing that made my day was receiving mail from a lovely someone from the Philippines! :)
Thank you very much, Rhea.

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  1. Being busy is a good thing. Keeps you alive and focused.

    You really ought to respond to me sometimes. Maybe not now, not tomorrow, but at some point.