03 August 2010

August news


August is here, and it feels really good. It is 1 week and 3 days to my 23rd birthday - it falls on Friday the 13th this year. It is somewhat a tradition that when my birthday falls on a Friday, I'll stay up late watching as many horror films as I can. But I kinda cheated this year, coz I already watched a couple in the past few weeks. Simply couldn't wait :)

I also received good news last Friday, and all I can say is that I can now officially reside in Germany. All the paperwork issues are finally over with after we've been at it for a year.
This means a whole lot to Micha and myself. We've waited this long, we've had to spend months 10,300 kilometers away from each other at a time, all those crazy ups and downs we've been put through because of that, and dealt with so much red tape just so we could break the cycle of having to get on the plane just to see each other again. It's all over.

I feel relieved and I feel nervous. It's not always easy to feel at home so far away from home. Sometimes I don't even know where home is anymore. But when we're in each other's arms, I feel safe and surrounded with stillness that no matter where I am in that moment, in his arms I am home.

Germany's growing on me a little at a time. I feel like a baby here. I'm not just foreign, I'm new, everything's different to me - and more so that now I could do a lot more here. It's also not always that I think I know how to do things right so I observe people a lot. I am the centre of attention sometimes, and whatever comes out of my mouth in german is amusing (and I have to make full use of such reactions from locals, whether it embarrasses me or not). But in general, I find that even though germans are usually distant and not the kind who would make the first move, it's only when I get the ball rolling that they respond to me. And from that I find them actually being very nice people. :)

So this will be my second birthday in Germany, the first time was in 2007 when I turned 20. Haha. It feels like it was ages ago.

As much as I would love to over celebrate everything, I'm keeping my two feet flat on the ground, because I'd rather share the joy instead of keeping it to myself. Besides, what I have to do now is not going to be easy. I'll be taking up an integration course where I have to seize every opportunity in learning everything about Germany.... well, at least the most important things I need to know, especially the language. I've been at this for God-knows-how-long and it's so damn hard sometimes, I wish I was kidding.

Nevertheless it's still a good experience and it's a lot of fun. Micha helps a lot - we converse in German time after time, and I try to ask what is this or that called or how do people say this and that as much as I can. I watch the local TV shows (not the dubbed stuff) and children's shows... well specifically toddler shows, just so I get german into my system every second I can. I even have to think in german now. Could it be that I'm committing a crime blogging in English?... :P
Speaking of which, es wird wahrscheinlich besser, wenn ich versuche auf Deutsch zu schreiben..

The day before my birthday, on the 12th, I have an appointment with a consultant from the employment agency where I could ask any questions I may have (and could be asked many questions about my future plans) when it comes to working in Germany. The thing is, I have to talk. And just the thought of it gives me the grand mega mama of all creepies. Michael's like, "I will come with you, but you have to talk. A lot. Okay? *smirks*"
Argh! Grrr.
Okay. Not my fault if I massacre the entire conversation then.
This is going to be interesting...

End of today's update. And hopefully I could think up a better looking layout that this.


  1. Massacred your layout? Wonder what the heck happened. Anyway, this one's OK. It's very simple but neat at the same time.

    You need not wear those coloured lenses, your eyes are fine the way they are.