16 July 2010


Fridays are still nice to come around. This week has been full of bumps at some point, but I managed to keep my two feet on the ground. Or at least one.

Stress from the goddamned mind was definitely one thing to bring down, and I did so by keeping active as much as my body would allow me to. My favourite thing to do at the moment is to do Interval Runs on the treadmill for 30 minutes each day. 6km brisk walking, 8km run. Sometimes going slower, sometimes faster, and sometimes longer. The moment I feel my legs burn, I'd know that I'd feel so much better afterwards. Never been a fan of running but it's something new now that I'm gonna try to get used to. True enough, I do feel so much better after all those exercise.

I also did 3 paintings this week - so far, haha - and there's still one more in the process. I'm probably gonna have the time this weekend and free time is always good to seize.

There's one thing I wanted to do though... I wanna play at this playground nearby. Haven't really done that since I got here (how could that be?). There's this flying fox thingy, slides, see-saws and swings... Yeah! Haha.

It is after 1 in the afternoon now, and the weather is sunny, sunny, and... well... sunny. *Frowns*
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend wherever you are.


  1. Again, go knock your head against the wall.

  2. You're entering a world of pain.

  3. Playground. Good place to start if you wanna feel like a kid every now and then.