10 June 2010

Trip to Goslar

Goslar is a town about an hour's drive from Göttingen. That's where I was today.
Because I was in such a relaxed mood, I remembered to bring my camera (and even loaded a new battery in it) and could share some pictures with you.

These pictures were taken at the central part of the city. I spent walking around downtown, the narrow streets, and it was interesting when I came across a place that looks almost like Bugis Junction (in Singapore). Haha. Hilarious. For a second I actually thought I was in a very familiar place.

The interesting thing about the town is how it has old and new fused together like there's no line in between. At one point you see a 400-year-old tower, and just around the corner there's a shopping centre.

In the central area, I sat at a café, at one of the tables under the shade of a huge umbrella outside. With a map and an 'Eis Schokolade' (chocolate smoothie with ice-cream and whipped cream, delish!) I took in everything that was around me - a band that was nearby whose music echoed all around, the sky that was so, so, so blue, the architechture of the old houses around me with roofs made of stone slates obtained hundreds of years ago from a nearby mine, a horse pulling a wagon across the cobblestoned ground, the distant hills that surrounded Goslar, and the smell of wood in the air. It felt good to be there.

After I finished my Eis Schokolade, I managed to fold my map from the size of a car to the size of my pocket. Making sure I didn't forget anything, I made my way to a nearby Tourist Information and got a couple more brochures just for the sake of killing a little more time.

As I continued on foot I also spotted a cute mini train (on wheels) making its way around the city conducting its tour. Somebody tell me this reminds us all of Disneyland. Haha.

It was a sweet little city. Narrow streets, well-preserved really-old buildings, small population, shops with everything one needs, and best of all, it is home to Rammelsberg (a huge old mine) and it's one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Short video clip from where I was seated (at the café).

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  1. This is why I want to visit Europe. I love the old architecture. Wish I was there.