25 June 2010

Summer Night Dreams

22:30 last night, and it was warm enough outside to take a walk. It was also late enough to be out without anyone else around. Michael and I (followed by Mohrle) made our way to the forest nearby. The sun was almost completely set and it was so quiet.
"Maybe tonight you could see, Fireflies," he said. "No promises."

Fireflies or not, a walk in a dark forest is one of the things that awakens all my senses. Enthralling in every way.

We walked a little down the street, passing by dim streetlights, made a turn into an empty parking lot and entered the forest soon after. It was not a long wait until I saw what seemed to be a gentle spark in mid air. It was a firefly. And I don't know if I mentioned it yet but until last night, I've never seen a firefly. They're pretty much extinct back home thanks to Development.

We walked further into the forest. To my left and right were trees that seemed like shadows of themselves. Shadows everywhere. It was hard to see even what was on the ground. Once in awhile there were sounds of sudden movements - rustling in a nearby bush (a lizard?), rustling in the branches and leaves above our heads (a squirrel?), something calling out with unusual sounds from the deeper end (birds?), or snapping of twigs echoing between the trees (wild boar?).

"This is so Blair Witch Project," Michael said.
"This is so Lord of the Rings," I whispered. :)
And it was almost like that. Scary and enchanting at the same time. You feel like you are being watched. And I thought so. But by what or who I don't know. I only felt respect for the forest as it was pretty much another 'world'.

We walked some more and came to a clearing, and for a few seconds we waited. After awhile, a few meters away in the distance we saw some more gentle sparkling in the air. More fireflies. One twinkle here, another twinkle there. And one particular curious one came so close to us, flew by at our knees, slow enough for me to bend down for a closer look, before it went away again.

And then we saw a big one fly straight ahead of us at top speed. Wow. You could almost see its wings! Beautiful.

We came to a small area where there are open spaces, bushes and widely-spaced trees. We stood from a high ground and looked on and saw a few more fireflies down in this area.
"This is the right place to see them but there's not so many of them yet," he said.
"I just can't believe I saw some. It's a good start. Let's come back here again another night when it's a little warmer."

We made our way slowly out of the forest, we held arms around each other's waists and talked about colours.
"I saw blue light on the fireflies," I told him. "Either blue or yellow."
"I only see green," he said.

One of the last fireflies we saw was resting on a leaf on the ground, surrounded by bushes.
Its lantern (what you call the stuff they have that emits light) stayed on. It wasn't blinking or flashing. No idea what was going on. But I looked closely again. Blue or yellow light?
Ah... blue and yellow makes green. And then finally I saw green. Florescent green.

We went home after that, and I felt like I could just sleep. And that was what I did soon after. Fireflies were one of the things I wanted to see here in summer, if I even get the chance. And so I have. And it's just the beginning. We're gonna visit them again in the forest on another warm summer night. No words for such wonder.

Darauf freue ich mich. Danke, Sayang. Sehr süß von dir. :)

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  1. I think you two love fireflies a bit too much. But at the same time, it's nice to appreciate nature's best miracles.

    Speaking of nature, there is this film called Frozen, it's a thriller about getting stuck on a chairlift. Interesting and very tense. Check it out, but not if you don't want to be put off of skiing.