08 June 2010

Silver Spoon Ring - WM. A. Rogers - Oneida LTD - Kristen Stewart

Something that arrived in the mail yesterday morning was a silver spoon ring that I found on eBay for less than USD 10 with shipping.

Just a random find it was. Previously had by its former owner since the 70's.
Engraved (or rather, embossed) on it is "WM. A. Rogers - Oneida LTD".
Designer and manufacturer, I guess...
A quick research online showed that it's a replica of a series of silver utensils (spoon, fork, knife) designed by William Rogers sometime between late 1800 and early 1900's.

It's not a new piece of shining, sparkling jewellery. But there was something about the design that I liked.

Looks so good. I'm the only one who has to like looking at it :P


  1. You look like Galadriel now.

  2. I have this same ring from my grandmother. Her father saved a bent Oneida spoon, chopped off the end, and rounded the edge. There are still trace amounts of gold tracery on the flower design.

  3. @Tawnypelt That's really cool. Yeah there are some gold traces on mine too. Really love this ring!

  4. Hi, I just bought one like this at an antique shop in Hawaii. I didn't even look at the inside of the ring until I read your post and it is identical. I just got it for looks, not knowing that jewlery can be made from silverware. I love the way it wraps around my index finger, easy to adjust. People have complimented on it when I wear it to parties, it shows nicely when I hold a glass.

  5. @Anonymous: Awesome :) And yes, this one's a darling. Been wearing it almost everyday and it's just so pretty.

  6. I know this was some time ago, but I'm trying to look for the same ring but not silver plated. Do you remember what you searched for? (I'm in UK but hoping they'll ship this far) :)

  7. @SarahLC9:
    Wow... been awhile back, but I think I searched for "WM. A. Rogers - Oneida Silver Spoon Ring".
    Let me know if you find a not-silver-plated one :D
    Would be really cool if there's a stainless steel version.

  8. I have the same ring! I work at a second hand store called platos closet I bought mine for about $8! Thanks for the info!