04 June 2010

It was bright

I went swimming yesterday, and it was so much fun. And I got close to 1 hour of afternoon sun, and that means: getting a 'nice' tan.

I should've just shaved one side of my head.

Michael and I took a nice walk this morning from around 09:00 until it was past 11:00. We had to get something from the City Hall, paid a short visit to his colleagues at work, went to the Post Office to send an important letter, then we visited the site where they found a couple of bombs from WWII 7 meters underground earlier this week. If you haven't heard the news, one of the bombs exploded a couple of days ago before it could be defused. That could be heard from where we live. So that part killed 3 of the bomb experts and seriously injured like 6 others.

The entire site (Schützenplatz, Göttingen) was barricaded so we could only peep in from a distance. Michael told me how he had walked there once before, and it was even a place where flea markets, carnivals, fairs, and other events are being held every other week. Just an open field. People have been drilling and walking on a graveyard full of bombs that only needed vibrations to be triggered.

After that we walked some more. Along the Leine river. Cyclists passed, people walked their dogs, sat on benches reading or writing or just daydreaming, the sound of busy traffic surrounded and something that's starting to grow on me were the sights of the faces glancing at me perplexed as to why I have black hair, dark eyes, and olive skin.

The weather was so beautiful, hardly clouds in the sky, summer said hello in all its glory, and after hours of walking I was about to die.

Headache set in, I couldn't open my eyes without it hurting, my head, my face were burning. I told Michael that I was starting to feel grumpy now. It was time to go home. At that point I remembered Lestat's "Bring me my coffin" scene. Didn't think I'd really know how he had felt then.
So we got on the bus and I could hardly keep my eyes open. Every light that passes through was like a knife. It was not good.

I got home, took an aspirin for the throbbing in my skull, drew the windowblinds shut, buried myself in bed, and was out for the next 4 hours. No light could get to me. None!

*Sigh* So messed up.

It's 21:30 now and I can still see streaks of the sun.
Go. Away. I hate you.


  1. arggh i was in that "Bring me my coffin" situation a week ago. the pain wouldn't want to go away D=

  2. See? see? see? arrgh :P

  3. Wow...how scary! Live bombs underneath a site where they've held flea markets, carnivals and the such. So many people at risk...