28 June 2010

All girly and skinny

These jeans are so cute and adorable I just can't resist buying them. Hehe!
I lost 2 kgs and not that it's noticeable, but that's cool. Hehe!
I'm already in great shape so my treadmill sessions keep me fit, and I don't need to lose much weight. Hehe!
These skinny jeans will go perfectly with my knee-high boots, ankle boots, and killer stilettos. Hehe!
Most of all, they costed €9 each and they're really comfortable. Hehe!
The only downside is... there's no way to take skinny jeans off sexily. Hehe!
But ooooohhhhh I like! Hehe!


  1. ooo la la. you sexy thang

  2. What's with the multiple hehes?

  3. This ain't close to sexy, lol. And I'm starting to think some people don't get the point of my post. Haha. This was painful to write. Okay, next post will be sober, people, LOL.

  4. you know, you need to wear something like that. just because