14 June 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup: Faces of Zakumi

"Leopards don't have manes. That Thing looks like the result of some sort of drunken, interspecies group orgy involving a lion, a leopard, a rasta and a green highlighter."
- says Facebook group, Whoever designed the Zakumi should be placed inside it. And set on fire.

Oohhhhh well. Welcome to the FIFA World Cup 2010 fever, hosted by South Africa and represented by Zakumi. He's cute, yellow, green, and a leopard. And I love the catses!
(And come to think of it, actually, whoever designed the Vuvuzela are the ones who should be set on fire.)

It was interesting what I found over the internet - different kinds of Zakumis.

Life-size Zakumi:

Frustrated Zakumi:

Dragon Ball Zakumi:

Emo 'Adam Lambert' Zakumi:

Tin-can Zakumi:

Knitted Zakumi:

Evil Coca-cola Zakumi:

Naked 3D Zakumi:

3D in-a-trance-while-playing Zakumi:

Happy-Tree-Friends Zakumi:

Plush Toy Zakumi:

Paper Zakumi:

Sexy Zakumi:

Real Zakumi:
So bad-ass...

I'm not such a huge football fan, since anything that's 'Not So Complicated' can be, to me, pretty damn complicated. My only experience with a football ball (or do you just say football?) is having it kicked straight in my face by the 'heartthrob' I used to have a crush on many years ago. But that's not the reason I never liked it. It's just so... green on screen and everything is so small, the ball becomes the size of a pea, and the game goes on for so long that if I watch it and only watch it without doing anything else like eat or paint, then I -will- fall asleep. I'm not kidding.

And I wished I was into football. So now I at least try to look at it the way others do. That maybe, maybe there's something good about men playing with a ball on a field. Talent, skill, tactic, and technique - young, athletic, good-looking (mostly, haha), fast, aggressive, clever and... sweaty. Hm... running out of adjectives.

So I'm taking the initiative to learn a little. And I've asked Michael to explain to me what the offside rule is, because that's something I was never able to understand. Another good thing about it is, even if half the time I am like 'what the fuck just happened?', watching football matches is one more thing we can both do together.

1 comment:

  1. The Adam Lambert Zakumi is awesome.

    You're not the first person to complain about football causing you to sleep. My mum's like that too, and sometimes I am as well. I'm not a big footie fan, but I try to watch some of the World Cup, since it's so huge and all.

    As soon as you learn about the offside rule from Michael, do educate the rest of us please. I happen to not know it either. Thanks.

    (P.S.: we don't have to communicate anymore the way we used to. But not being ignored on SC would be nice)