13 May 2010

The first real cake I ever baked

Okay so I cheated because I used some kind of a prepared mixture and only had to add margarine, milk and eggs (and Michael helped to beat the hell out of it). But I still wanted to make sure that it turned out good and edible.

Zitronenkuchen (Lemon cake)

The pack for the icing and coloured sugar pens.

Making the icing. Just added 2 tablespoons of hot water.

It wasn't enough to cover the entire cake. Stupid.

So I carried on with the decor anyway.

Leaves, hearts, dots. It was so harrrrd to press. Aaargh!

Haha.. too much strain obviously on my right hand.

Fertig! The cake for dear Mutti.
It says: "Happy Birthday! 13.05.10 Regina"

This is the last time I bake anyone a birthday cake.


  1. Thanks for the tag on my blog! :))))