27 May 2010

Brunch and News

It's my version of the Roti John and the Omelette. I shall call it Roti-Omelette.
Topped with spicy African sauce, creamy garlic sauce, and sweet-sour chili sauce -
what a Malay girl like me shall have sometimes :P

So that's what I had for brunch today. Along with some mixed fruit juice, it was mmm, sedap sekali. Tengoklah siapa yang masak. Hehe.

Waking up this morning was pretty much a drag being in between sleep and unsleep and all. I think I had a dream about saving Media Markt from bankruptcy. I don't remember how though... just that I remember getting maybe like €25 reward for it. Pfft. So much for saving them.

Things are just starting to slow down again after a hectic period since I last wrote. But it's just another eye-of-the-storm, as always. So I'm taking the time to let you know how I've been doing in Germany. I'm getting some complicated paperworks done and it might just turn out that I'm gonna have to stay a couple of weeks longer until it's settled with. There are so many things at the moment that I just want to get through and over with.

So amidst the hecticness I do have some good news. I'm working on a new art cards series and below is a draft of one of the paintings I'll be working on soon. I'm painting my first demons series and it's about facing them and at the same time letting them tell you: "Hey. Take it easy". I'm excited about it. :)

I'm also working on a Facebook page for my work and I shall announce it when it's up.
Weekend's around the corner, which then gives me more time to paint. Hope to show you my latest distractions soon!



  1. draw me a pretty zombie monster demon and i shall buy them =D