21 April 2010

Just jotting down

"Ehh, schau mal... uhhh... Scheiße..."
- Quote of the day, meaning: "Hey, look... uhhh... Shit..."

These were the thoughts in my head today:
  1. Will I be taking notes of daily happenings?
  2. Do I need to design my own wardrobe?
  3. How do I get acquainted with the-truth-and-nothing-but-the-truth?
  4. Will I be able to sleep tonight?
  5. What am I going to eat today?
  6. Ok I think I just wore the wrong clothes again.
  7. What am I gonna say if someone approaches me on the streets?
  8. I miss Winter.
  9. Thank you.
  10. I don't know how to say it.
  11. Should I tell her? Yes, I am going to tell her soon. It would be fun.
  12. One of the best feelings in the world: Taking off this make-up.
  13. Everyone's making some kind of portfolio. Mine's totally in a coma.
  14. No homework today, not good. But at least I got two other of my own workbooks to finish.
  15. I still have to watch Alice in Wonderland and Bend it like Beckham (again). And 'Der Schuhe des Manitu' (The Shoe of the Manitu).
  16. Have to get up early enough tomorrow, then some errands to run. Can't screw that up. Can't screw that up. Can't screw that up.
  17. Könntest du mal mit mir auf Deutsch reden?
  18. Wow. Ass.
  19. Dickkopf.... Arschkopf?
  20. Greg better show up tomorrow.


  1. hallo ira...i've been trying to reach you via your personal email. It's me, Farah...