09 March 2010

Singapore to Frankfurt

The last drink I had in Singapore was Almond Soy Milk. No, it was terrible, and thanks to the gallon of sugar put into it, I can now be without it for a long time.

The last thing I saw about Singapore was the plane I was on. After a hectic weekend here I am finally able to settle the laptop and myself down, together, in peace and quiet, to write out how it had been in the past few days.

After waving goodbye to my mum and sister at the airport I made my way alone through Terminal 3 to the boarding gate, realizing that after what seemed to be walking forever, I should've just hitched a ride on one of those airport buggies. Is that what they are called? Anyway, before boarding, while waiting in line in a claustrophobia-triggering boarding walkway, someone farted.
I thought, what a great start to a wonderful 13/14-hour long flight.

And the flight itself was interesting. The poor woman sitting directly on my right had her husband constantly raise her voice at her every now and then. And the man to my left across the isle spoke excellent Malay and wouldn't stop flirting with the flight attendants. The group of guys sitting behind me wouldn't stop going 'ha ha ha ha', while the couple in front of me reclined and inclined their seats like it was a jackpot machine. Then someone at the front of the plane yelped and the crew announced that they needed a doctor's assistance to examine a passanger. Then someone else sitting not too far from me yelped, couldn't breathe, couldn't walk, so the crew went all ninja and whipped out oxygen masks and what not.

I didn't sleep. Just simply couldn't.

The flight was basically full of turbulence. Not an hour passed without the plane violently shaking waking everyone up and disrupting the crew from carrying out their routine. When the plane landed, one person released the loneliest clap I have ever heard in the history of mankind.

Being one of the last passangers to leave the plane, I made my way alone through Terminal 1 of Frankfurt airport... It was cold and I had on a maxi dress, cardigan, and a pair of flip flops. Crazy, indeed. And guess what? It was again the longest walk I ever had to take in an airport. No buggies were seen, so forget that. Being questioned by the immigration officer was awesome too. I acted like the sweetest thing in the world he's ever seen, but I doubt that was the reason he didn't ask anymore questions. Haha.

So once I've gotten my bags and walked out of the final exit doors... there he was... Michael.
My sigh of ultimate relief. It was like seeing him again for the first time. And when he gave me the biggest hug, it was like coming home.

From Frankfurt we took the train to Göttingen. Another 2 hours.
And now that I am here, I've been going to classes and getting familiar with the things here again, but I can't deny that I'm still culture shocked.

And Michael's cat is staring at me... Argh!


  1. you have crazy people on your flights. mine are always boring, lol. and you so should have kicked and knocked the ppl in front of you randomly.
    just kick the cat

  2. Guess I'm just 'lucky'.
    No, no... I won't kick an old cat. But I'll kick you... someday. Muaha.

  3. the clap thingy made me laugh so suddenly! HAHAHAHHAHA

  4. you won't kick me. i'm too nice to you

  5. @ayshedcream I know.. it was really so sad. Lol.

    @Yelly Asking someone to poke me is not nice therefore I will kick you.

  6. I can't poke you myself, so I need distant help.