04 March 2010

Sewing a tube maxi dress

Attempt #1:

I wanted to make a simple shirred tube dress that goes all the way down. Shirred means the fabric is being sewn on with elastic thread to give that elastic function and appearance.
Wow... I suck at describing today.

This is not a tutorial by the way, it's only to show what I've been up to in the past week or so.

This dress was the first thing I've ever really sewn on, so it was a failed attempt, but this was what happened anyway.

Newspapers with the measurements pinned to the fabric before cutting.

Another view.

What the fabric looks like after cutting.
Top: body
Bottom: the 'flowy' part of the dress. It's a few inches longer to allow some frills to be sewn into it.

Sewing the top part of the dress together.

Sewing the two pieces together.

After spending a life time on the sewing machine, this was what the dress looked like.
And I thought I was going to be proud of myself.

And then I ran out of elastic threads so the top part of the dress looks so damn weird.
Like a huge skirt for someone who's 7 feet tall.
And then I realized something else... it was the ugliest pink I have ever seen.
No way was I going to wear this. Ever.


Attempt #2:

I was a little more confident the next day. I tried a different kind of material, a little light but slightly stretchy. I still wanted to make a shirred tube maxi dress so I created this one and literally didn't finish it too. Here's what happened:

I didn't do two pieces, but rather I wanted to make a long straight dress and add 'triangular' fabrics on the left and right side of the dress.
I finished the right side, it was starting to look good.
I also sewed on the bodice (?) with new elastic threads as you can see below.

I completed it and soon I realized... that I had the measurements all wrong.
It wouldn't fit around me at all.
Heck, it wouldn't fit on anybody. HAHA.

So I didn't attach the other triangular piece, and I didn't close the sides and complete it.
It was finished with. I had to try again.


Attempt #3:

This was supposed to be my last attempt. And I was so eager to make this work that I didn't bother taking pictures of the progress. I didn't make 'flowy' parts, nor did I attach fancy triangular extras. It was a simple tube dress. And it was a success.

I bought the cotton fabric for $3 a yard. The kind shopkeeper said I needed 2.5 yards to make the dress.

The shirring was perfect! I'm so proud of myself.

I found some unused strip of lace in a drawer so I took it out and used it to decorate the dress's hem.

Pretty :)
It was worth the tried and failed attempts. I know how it works a lot better now and I'm ready to move on to more complicated dress projects in the future.

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