31 March 2010

Saving a Basil Plant

On 22nd March:

We had a basil plant at home on the brink of death.
Leaves shriveling, and stalks wilted, lifeless and brown.

27th March:
A little research tells me it could be fungal infection.
A closer look at the soil confirms that. I saw fungus growing at the soil.
It was a sick plant.
But Ira was determined to save it.

On 29th March:
I removed the shrivelled leaves, and cut off any stems that seemed to be all sucked in and dried out. I put the pot next to the window. Basil likes a lot of sun, at least 6 hours of sun everytday. And not too much water.

Doesn't look perfect in this picture yet, there were still some weird brown things sticking out of the ground where healthy stems used to be.

30th March:
I decided to uproot everything. Removed every single infected stem, skimmed the top layer of the soil to remove any unseen fungus babies, and replanted them.
It looks so much better now. New leaves are growing, no more leaves or stems shrivelling, so that's a very good sign.

With sunshine, water, love, and time, I think it's going to survive! :)