03 February 2010

Valentine's Day #1 - ACEO

"Rest Area"
ACEO - Valentine's Day art card no. 1 (of 2)
2.5 x 3.5 inches

It feels good to step away from the dark and lighten up a bit.
After messing up on two previous attempts, I finally completed my Valentine's Day couple art cards. I will be updating on the next one soon enough.

Valentine's Day has very little influence in my life. I never really believed in this thing called Romance. Maybe the only reason I like Valentine's day is that the main colour used is this crimson kind of red. Other than that, screw it.

Last year for Valentine's, I remember getting one Ferrero Rocher and a free rose in Germany. Despite my efforts to keep that rose alive, it wrinkled and shrivelled and suffocated in my room. I remember that day: I never opened the windows because of the cold and on top of that I sprayed a whole bottle of JIF onto a spider I found in the bathroom that was the size of my palm. My apartment smelled like a chemical bomb just exploded in it.
I couldn't get rid of the smell by the time my boyfriend came, so when he showed up he was like, 'Girl, you trying to kill yourself?!'

So... romance is more like a psychotic mess. Makes people go goo-goo, ga-ga, and giggles, and then they suddenly get slapped the hell out of it.
Okay at least I have to give some credit to the Ferrero Rocher. It was.. real.. chocolate.. ooh!

So, what's going on with me lately?
I've taken a break from work (and too much reading) to be home. I wanted to spend time painting and I've been thinking about it for God knows how long but never really grasped on something that would really work for me, until now. So I'm home a lot, mostly sketching, and painting out the ones that I really want to see come alive.

It feels like falling in love again.