26 January 2010

A look at ATCs and ACEOs

"Princess Rubber Duck"
6 x 9 cm / 2.3 x 3.5 inches , acrylic

My first attempt at ACEO, Art Cards, Editions and Originals. Some artists, however, would rather recognise them as ATCs, Artist Trading Cards. The difference between them is that ATCs are strictly traded and never sold, but ACEOs are sold and often in limited editions.

This is roughly the size of a poker or trading card. The smallest kind of painting I've made. I like the idea of making miniature artworks, trading them with other artists if given the chance, or just displaying them in a simple card album. It's the first in a long time I felt like making art for the sake of art and because it's simply addicting.

ATCs or ACEOs are good ways artists can show their works.

I already bought supplies yesterday, a lot of cutting and measuring, and brain storming ideas. I love the feeling of creative juices flowing. Mmm...

A quick browse at the library's catalogue however revealed to me that of all the millions of book collections in Singapore's libraries, there are only TWO books on ATCs! I was astounded.
But that's why the Internet is Godsent. :)

This is exciting. It's a lot like Twittering. The creative way. I could make an ACEO practically anywhere and my supplies fit into a bag. I don't even need an easel. It could take me 5 minutes to 5 hours to finish a piece, and once the art is complete, I spray the fixative on, let it settle for awhile, then shove it into my card album. Done.

I'm going to make more :)


  1. when i look at your arts there's always something that screams "Eira" lol it's weird in a good way