03 November 2009

Zee Avi

Listening to Zee Avi. Maybe someday I am going to get her album.
Her music is -almost- what I hoped Marit Larsen would sound like solo, and Zee Avi beats her to that. Not precisely vocal-wise (duh) but rather musically. It's not too different with the clever words and so-called sadness in a happy song, or faux American accent (but hey, no sweat). But I see that Zee does it and doesn't try too hard. Sweet, mature, yet subtle and most importantly: un-kitsch.

I find it interesting that unlike many other artists, Zee chooses to hide her face in videos whenever she can because she wants people to hear her first before seeing her. I can say that sometimes good music gets so bloody confused with good looks.

So this is "Just You and Me"


And this is "Let Me In"

Bring me a lily, and one loaf of bread,
Take me home now,
And I can't forget any word that you said,
But they're gone now
Trying my best to keep up with your pace,
But you're too fast
Trying my best to get off of this fence for I won't last.

Maybe we can try to be better this time
Maybe we can try to be better this time

I'm just a sparkle of dust in his gigantic bowl now,
And I'm gone when only where the wind will take me,
Bring me down now,
But my smiles turn to tears and I'm facing my fears,
Can you see me?
Trying my best to reach out for your hand,
You wont let me,
I've done what i can,
You keep changing your plans,
Do you need me?

Maybe we can try to be better this time
Maybe we can try to be better this time

So let me in,
Let me in,
Let me in

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  1. i find her okay. but her kantoi song is abit.. LOLLLL.