13 November 2009

Meeting Tom

Guess who came by earlier this week to disturb my peace?

Tom and his rubber friends.
Okay... at least one of them is kinda plastic.

From left: Bossy Bear, Rubber Duck, me, and Tom.
The Merlion is in the background. It was half-sunny that day. Right at the place where Michael and I were when The Day You Went Away by M2M came on (long story).

No idea why he wanted to do this shot but I made sure it was as perfect as possible.
I suggested that he may as well go into the water and get a little hydro-massage.
The water was murky.... mmmm... Tom likes.

For those who don't know Tom, he's sometimes from Canada and sometimes from Hong Kong. When he visited he came from Hong Kong. We've been online contacts for a couple of years and we knew each other back in maybe 2002 or so... the M2M days. M2M: Norwegian duo who is now split into Marion Raven and Marit Larsen. I'm not so much of a fan these days (I pretty much grew out of that kind of music) but I stay friends with some of the other fans. Even then my circle of 'M2M friends' is so freakishly small as compared to Tom's. I think he knows many other fans if not all.

Tom taught me some Mandarin, or rather tested me on it. I passed with flying chopsticks. I picked up some Mandarin at work but I can't speak it to save my life. I'd have to dedicate at least ten years of my life to learn since it involves entirely new dimensions of written characters and sounds... just like the dreaded Arabic and Japanese that I learned pretty much for nothing now.

Took him on the train, North-South bound, and in approximately 50 minutes we pretty much saw all the buildings that can be seen here on the island.
Walking was so... terrible for me. Haha. Even in the heat I guess Tom was surprised that I was still not so used to it - having to hide in the shadows of traffic lights and all. Well I am indeed very used to the heat, I just don't like the highest, brightest sun.

I didn't think we'd have much to talk about but we kept talking all the time. Perhaps only because we had a day to spend before he had to go back to Hong Kong. And Tom is a strangely funny person to talk to... (o_O)... *eye twitches*

Anyway, we also walked around my neighbourhood, he seemed to like it which was worth me taking him around, haha (it better be).

And I still can't seem to forget the incident at Secret Recipe, Terminal 3, Changi Airport.
We ordered alphabet fries but we got zig-zag fries. We pointed it out - no idea why we did that because I don't give a damn what fries I eat so long as it's fries - and even after we asked for alphabet fries again we got star-fries instead. And when I wanted to take the rest of it home with me Tom asked for a box and the staff gave him forks!
Sorry Tom, I rubbed it in. I think the staff were just... confused people. But I think that was a good conclusion to our meeting.
Better yet, thanks for the Jack Skellington, Nightmare Before Christmas thingy.

Hope everything's okay with your flight back to Canada.
How about see you in Germany next time? :P
Lepastu boleh belajar cakap bahasa Melayu, ok?

Finally, I had a happy week save for the bad headache and cough that's keeping me up past midnight every other night.
And more surprises keep coming too...

I can take it all.

Today is the 13th and a Friday at that.
No horror movies tonight when there should be.

But there's Owl City tonight, in my ears, until I fall asleep.
And I will not be thinking of anything else.


  1. "Lepastu boleh belajar cakap bahasa Melayu, ok?"
    i still need to go take a swim in the river
    you're mean, so mean to me ><
    and we should have just did less walking to save you from pain :(

  2. 'Then you can learn to speak Malay, ok?'

    I was so not mean to you. Who did all the poking first?! Gaargh.. I will get my revenge eventually.

    Pain is temporary.

  3. that's what i'll do too hide in some random person's shadow while waiting for the traffic.Ohh wells we are vampires after all.

  4. Yeah but unfortunately most of the time some other random person at the traffic light is always smaller than me, haha.

  5. kekeke, i love direct linking :p