27 October 2009

Is she promised to the night?

It turns out that I might not keep this layout for long after all. Some of you like it, and I like it too. It's just... not right. I don't know. We'll see. I haven't got the time or level of sanity to tweak every single thing in my life that's not exactly right.

I thought about cutting my hair even though I like having this much hair on my head right now. It just won't listen to me.

I thought about getting lasik but I probably have to think about birth control beforehand. Not like I can even afford it anyway.

There was blood when I peed yesterday.

Still coughing my guts out after 5 weeks, and counting.
Chest hurts.

Currently listening to old favourites like "Cold" by Crossfade and "So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin. Yeah. Lots of 'colds' there. I'm also having a cold, plus whooping cough, and a very tired immune system.

I promise I will get better.

I know I am supposed to be all socially responsible and stay home but I am happiest when I am working.

There's a packet of smoked salmon in the fridge. I am going to eat that later. It's been too long being salmonless.

Yesterday I started to put together a little box of love. It's not yet complete but it's supposed to be 'from the heart'.

My dentist appointment is coming on Thursday for the second phase of the root canal treatment. The tooth needs a crown before I can chew normally on it again. But the pain is gone. Hopefully for a long, long time if not forever. I have no idea how I'm going to sit still for the whole hour (at least) with such a cough. Mr Dentist will be super annoyed.
At least that day will be a day off from work.

There was something I should'nt have done but even you would agree that to regret it now is more than useless. Maybe there is a good reason why everyone must have secrets. But wait. Maybe there is even a better reason why we get carried away with emotions and then make mistakes. -End of cryptic paragraph.-

Good night, Tuesday.


  1. please pleaseee pleaseee get better soon!):

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksLrB_FVUmI

    i'm in love with thisssss LOL

  3. Machines in love! Lol..
    I like Tokio Hotel :p

    This will crack you up:


  5. Tokio Hotel confuses me
    let's cough together when we meet up

  6. Bet my cough beats yours anytime.