30 October 2009

The darker side of things

We've heard of nursery rhymes. How we've sung them in school as children and everytime we do we become so full of joy. We clap and dance and feel like we could fly. But do we realize now that not all nursery rhymes are innocent as you might like to believe? Welcome to the dark side of nursery rhymes.

If you are easily offended by the topic of darkness and/or death, read on at your own risk. I shall not be responsible for any mental or emotional damage. But hey... it's not that bad.

Here's a bunch of pink things and a lonely kitty....

...just to make you feel all comfy and warm and fuzzy first before I guide you into my SICK MORBID MIND HAHAHA *lighting, thunder, grrrgrgrgrrg*.

No... seriously. It's not that bad.
(Oh dear oh dear, poor kitty.... sorry kitty, that I had to use your piccie, hope you cheers ups soons!)


By the way, I have gotten my 'Vampire eyes'... and shit! I love them.

Nope, sorry. No fangs here.
Just my pretty white teeth all the better to bite you with.

Don't mind me being this happy in front of the camera.

So... later today in the afternoon, my sister wants me to help out at her workplace to do Halloween make-up for the restaurant crew. I am already rubbing my hands together, looking forward to getting supplies and working on those faces. I could tell you more later, and better yet if I could get pictures. Then there's going to be a barbecue at my uncle's place in the evening, but not sure if I'm going.

*Sigh*... this week has been so... shit.
I need some silence.
Good morning, Saturday. Please be kind to me.


  1. awwww, you're not real vamp

  2. omggg love the lens.
    did u buy it at some website?
    i think i've seen some before.

  3. @Yelly: and you're not real ducky

    @Aysh: www.wrlens.com (Solotica Hidrocor Ice)
    And ooo, is it your birthday today? :D!

  4. nice.
    it's in a week.hahahah.

  5. Hahaha okay :P
    At least I'm close.

  6. now i remember that the lens is from the Michelle Phan vid.LOLL *facepalm*

  7. Oh yah.. haha. And that girl's got LOADS of lenses...
    But nevermind lah... can't afford all that.