26 September 2009

A Spring Affair by Milly Johnson

I figured that I should write about the books I've read that I found interesting. Let's start with this one.

"A Spring Affair" by Milly Johnson
(paperback, 496 pages, 2009)

Elouise 'Lou' Winter is married to second hand car dealer Phil, but their marriage is far from happy. Lou knows Phil has been unfaithful, but he uses it to his own advantage, keeping Lou under his thumb.

But when Lou spots an article in a magazine about clearing out clutter, she has no idea just how far her cleaning obsession is going to reach. Not to mention the small crush she has on the man who brings her skips Tom Broom, Lou is heading for a big lifestyle change, but is she ready to take on everything that comes with it?

Will Lou find her happiness or is Phil Winter just too much in control for her to break free?

What made me pick this book up was after reading what it says on the back; it is about a wife who was being taken advantage of by her own husband, who knew that it was wrong to keep giving him chance after chance, but kept giving him another chance anyway because as a person she is forgiving and as a wife she is keeping to the vows she had made.

Lou and Phil have no children, but they seem to be the perfect couple, rich and pretty much nothing to worry about. The truth however is far from that. They are not happy. Or least he is but she isn't.

Being a car salesman Phil has all the skills he needed to know how manipulation works. He knows the ins and outs of human psychology, especially women's. He was in control of everything he wanted, or so he thought.

Lou knew that Phil could be unfaithful, but refuses to dwell in that thought. She also noticed how he would rather pay more attention to his performance at work rather than her. When she figured out that de-cluttering her home was a sure way of therapy, she couldn't stop getting rid of things in the house that she never used, or no longer needed or wanted.
And she did have a lot to get rid of, so much that Phil made it another excuse to give himself license to cheat on his wife for not giving him enough attention. But would Phil really cheat on her? Or is it only a game of power but in fact he wouldn't even dare?

Eventually when Lou met a man who helped her get rid of the trash, she eventually learned to look at her husband in a whole new light. She saw the side of Phil she never thought she would see.

Personally I never thought I would pick up this book, but that's exactly the reason why I read books I never thought I would read. Haha. It's always the interesting one.
To me this book is averagely written. There were only one or two pages where the writing was incredibly clever, but that's all it takes for a book to be unique in its own way.

I liked it how the author stepped into the cunning male mind and defined what goes through the thoughts of a man who has little to no respect for women. The author also described the typical mind of a typical woman - weak, gullible, and obliging - and with such events turned the character of Lou from typical to exceptional. She went from weak to strong, and from dramatic to realistic. That should be every woman's dream.

Lou, after all, had to decide if she could still trust her husband who manages (or rather pretends) each time to be oh-so-adorable-and-helpless, or break away from him and his manipulative ways. And with the new guy in her life who she had a crush on without even wanting to admit it to herself, she realized how she has to fight with the fact that she might be doing the same thing her husband could be doing.

It was a sobering yet fun read. A book I couldn't even put down even when I am home after work and the next thing I truly needed was dinner and sleep. I read maybe 100 pages everyday and in 5 days I wish the story didn't just end there.

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