13 September 2009

Harmful chemicals in products we use

It all started when I was wondering why my hair is always dry and frizzy after a good wash. No matter what shampoo I use it's always the same. After washing my hair goes crazy. Only after 2 days or so then it settles down again and looks 'normal'. But by then it's already time for another wash. And by now I'm pretty much sure that my hair goes through a death sentence by shampoo more than anything.

And it's all because I found out about this one ingredient that's used in 95% of commercial soaps: Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. It's cheap and poisonous.
95%, that's a whole lot. It's basically a de-greaser, binding to dirt and gunk on your hair and scalp. Upon rinsing the grime gets dragged down with it.
This stuff is used in detergents to clean garage floors and engines! Gah.

And so I looked at the ingredients label of the shampoo I've been using.
Sure enough. It's says - after 'Water' - 'Sodium Laureth Sulfate'.
I looked at the shampoo my sister is using.
It also exists in there.
It's everywhere.
Go. You should check the shampoo you are using.

We are all doomed.
We've been poisoning ourselves for years without realizing it, AND we have the nerve to wonder why cancer and stuff are on the rise?!
God save us.

Okay, below are the stuff that I normally use.
And yes, for the guys who are reading this, this may frustrate you and you may be all like 'Ah, women are so retarded!'... but seriously, my case is NOT the worse of cases. Trust me. If you can't stand it, just don't look at the pictures anymore, lol.

Anyway... with this, I took out my magnifying glass to read out the tiny, tiny stuff written on the labels of these products that I've been using, to finally know what sort of poison I've been putting on myself for years on end.

And when I get pregnant, these are the stuff that's going to get passed on to my baby if I continue using them during pregnancy. It may not be obvious but I am clearly aware of the affects. A little bit goes a very long way.

After looking up all these dangerous stuff that's in products, I'm going to be READING labels before buying these things in the future just as I read ingredient labels before buying any kind of food I pick up at the grocery.

Ingredients in products considered harmful (and some entirely useless):
- Propylene Glycol
- Mineral Oil (Petrolatum, Petroleum)
- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
- Sodium Laureth Sulfate
- Sodium Flouride
- Cocoamide DEA, TEA, MEA
- Bentonite or Kaolin
- Glycerin
- Titanium Dioxide
- Collagen
- Elastin
- Albumin
- Humectants
- Hypoallergenic
- Lanolin
- Liposomes
- Placenta
- Sodium Chloride
- Tyrosine

This is pretty much an invitation to cancer.
I need to check up on which of these products I use that will end up in the trash for good (like my shampoo, grr).

Sunsilk Shampoo

Sunsilk Conditioner

Nivea deodorant

Dove bar soap

Johnson's Baby Milk Lotion

Nivea Essential Lip Care

Revlon primer

Silky girl foundation

Silky girl pressed powder

Avon mascara

Body Shop brow liner

Maybelline lipgloss

I have to go apologize to my hair now.

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