17 September 2009

Chocolate cakes, Blood, and Asylum

Just thought of sharing with everyone what I've been up to in the kitchen :)

Here's the quick birthday (short) cake I made for my mum's birthday. The cake itself tastes good and baked well, but that so-called icing you see in this picture was actually salt! I was so confident about it being sugar, when the fact is I had accidentally used salt.
Paiseh lah...
Didn't notice it until everyone dug in and they were all like 'Euww...' before laughing at my screw up. I found it hilarious despite it also being pretty gross. The solution? Slicing off the top layer so everyone can still eat the cake.
This is what happens when I bake... but at least now we know how to subtly ruin a birthday cake, hehe.

Today I made mini chocolate chip cupcakes... this time with SUGAR icing sugar. Haha.
I double checked ten times. I made quite a few of these to bring to work tomorrow on the occasion of Eidul Fitri or Hari Raya.

The whole school will have a little celebration for any occasion whether it's Vesak Day, Christmas or Diwali. Traditional clothes will also be the the dress-code tomorrow so it should be interesting. For Diwali for example, all the teachers will be wearing colourful Saris. So for Hari Raya we're all going to be wearing the Baju Kurung or Kebaya for a day, lol. I am terrified! Maybe I will bring my very much neglected Malay outfit along and change at work.
Then I should just try to enjoy the day.

Moving on...

Finally I made a chocolate and mixed nuts (with raisins) cake. I baked it in my bread pan for the fun of it. The mixed nuts consist of walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, to name a few.

Here's the same cake sliced and spread over one side with my favourite chocolate spread: Nutella. It's so chocolaty and nutty it can't get any better than that.

All the above was made with tender loving care (and a very tired me who's asking for a moment of peace). Today's day at work was so heart-wrenching - a toddler fell off a chair and bled profusely from the back of his head that he had to be taken to the hospital. My colleague was attending to him but I helped, and it hit me how serious it was when I got the two-year-old's blood on my hands. The incident however was inevitable... unless the entire centre's covered in sponge walls, sponge floors and no furniture, like an asylum.

Yes, talking about chocolate cake, blood and asylum at the same time is weird. Today's baking was my therapy. It's been a weird week and my colleagues think so too. Besides the case with this kid, another kid found a centipede in his bag and started to play with it. Eventually he got bitten and started wailing to no end. Just great.

I am curious about what's going to happen tomorrow.


  1. i've not been baking for agesss!!!
    i'm jealous i want cake too!

  2. Hehe... cool, you've baked too :)