10 August 2009

Neopets to Stock Trading

So how do you like the new Stark Corner 'Antique' layout? :)
It was such a bitch to make, lol. But I love the outcome. Thanks to Anna Sui for the inspiration.

Moving on...

The US Stock Market is as we speak, open. On Saturday I went to a brief Options Trading seminar, not my first, but just for the sake of killing time I thought may as well motivate myself to start flirting with trading. When if not now?

So I was hardly responsive, I was there to listen more than respond. And the speaker blurted too many 'thank you's anyway as and when someone in audience merely nodded or shook their head. That was annoying, but it was something I smiled at and eventually found amusing.

I took notes and knew what I shall be learning about. There are way too many trading coaches and mentors that cost you an arm and a leg and perhaps a brain so they could wash it for you 'til there's nothing on it left but the firm belief that you can be rich like them, which never happens. So, considering the fact that I still need that arm, leg and brain, I think it's the wiser move - if not clever - to figure it out on my own. I'd also be interested - if not brave enough - to make my own mistakes so what is learned from out of it sticks like a tattoo.

My mum gave me a booklet of notes, charts, financial terms and jargons, and strategies that she obtained from a trading course she once went to years ago. It's a freaking heavy book, I thought, shit, I'll never be able to learn all this. And thinking about how many numbers are involved in trading it may as well intimidate me out of the whole thing. But I realized that, after making 3 million worth of neopoints on Neopets merely from stock trading, I think this is worth doing in real life.

You must be wondering what Neopets has to do with all this, haha, but I'm not kidding. Neopets IS the reason I'm going into stock trading now. I can do anything on Neopets with over 3 million NPs, I don't want to imagine what I can do with real $3m.

But let's not go there because I hold no expectations out of this, and life has been a lot better for me since I started to remain neutral about everything in it.
No expectations = No surprises, no disappointments. Just seeing things like it's the first time every time.

So Neopets is just a game but it incorporates Stock Trading into it, which is pretty neat. And it may not be complex, in fact it's the easiest kind of trading ever since risk is perhaps a big fat zero, and it pretty much only tests your patience and discipline. It also teaches one not to be emotionally attached with money. These are very important 'foundations' to stock trading
Of course, there's gotta be profits, losses, and break-evens. No matter how nice the marketing sounds: Most Millionaires are made from the Stock Market, it also brings you back to earth to know that Most Bancruptcies are also made from the Stock Market.

Below is a screen shot of a portion of 25 stocks in the Neopets Index that I 'hold'. I have no idea about these companies but I do know that out of the 25, around 20 are not doing well.

I highlighted a stock that I made 100% profit from, and that's just how I earn my 'money' on Neopets so I can keep my pet fed, sheltered, clothed and happy.

I invested NP45,000, and when I sold the shares I got back NP90,000, minus NP20 brokerage commission. So that leaves me with NP88,980. Not so bad.

For the rest of the shares, I'll just have to ride it out.
The thing is, if this was a real stock market, I would've gotten out of all the 20 trades that were not doing well and would have to accept my losses. But since I couldn't lose money on this one, I only have to wait until it goes back up again, I can practically just leave my trades alone. Which is what you shouldn't do in a real-life trade, of course.

I find it all so interesting.
To compare that table to the real thing, below is what online stock trading looks like on the Thinkorswim platform (the one I am considering to use).

It is so complex and full of numbers, but I'd like to know it all. With that, the next step to take is to get the hang of this program while I practice trading. Practicing is in other words called Paper Trading - trading with virtual or fake money. I could practice with it as much as I want to, until I'm ready to trade live.

I'm not really on the best terms with my parents, but since they have some knowledge and have done some trading themselves, it's something I'll try to learn from them too before something else that's going to happen this year happens and they might not want to talk to me anymore, disown me, and I end up an orphan for the 2nd time, fuckitwhatever.

Hm... somehow it reminds me of Claudia and Louis de Pointe du Lac (The Vampire Chronicles).

Claudia knew that she was going to lose Louis and only needed one last thing from him before she is to be left on her own immortally stuck and defenseless in a child's body. Sometimes I just feel that way.

But that's another depressing part of my life that I don't want to talk about if it's only going to make me feel bad. And it will. Why? Because all those thoughts are expectations and I don't do well with expectations anymore.

I don't know if I'll be blogging about stock trading because it's not a topic that most readers would be interested in, so I might just mention it a little here and there, and write about how I'm doing, but that's about it. Oh and I have yet to post about the artworks I did for the kids in school.

Before I go, I suppose I haven't introduced my Neopet. It's a Unicorn and it used to be Blue when I first got it. I changed it to a White Uni after that, but now I like it as Halloween. It's been a Halloween Uni for 2 years. I've had it since 2003, so it's almost 6 years old now.

Morniar has a pet, and it's a tombstone :)
What a pair they can make.