16 August 2009

For the sake of Family

The topic of Family sets me thinking so I did my own mini research, I asked people online what they thought, and (not) surprisingly the answers are all the same...

"...as much as we would like marriage to be the union of two people only.... it actually unites two families. If I was you...I would please your family. Big deal.... the rest of your life will be yours to decide. This is a time of joy and love. Why not bring the families together in a loving peaceful way... even if it means pleasing them. There are far more bigger things to stress about.... There is nothing wrong with pleasing your parents sometimes. It brings good peace into your home."

"...for your families sake, why not compromise as a kindness to the family."

...however, it was not without a hint of frustration, like 'Why did this stupid girl even make a deal out of this?'

Hey, it was only questions, just answer or don't answer. No reaction needed let alone overreaction. But then again nobody said that dealing with other humans is easy.

Let me ask my readers the same questions I ask those people.

  1. Who does marriage unite: two people or two families?
  2. As a child how did you feel about family? Were families always happy things?
  3. How do you feel about families now? Are people really what they seem?
  4. Is there unconditional love in a family? Or merely responsibilities, obligations, burdens?
  5. Would you give up on something, anything, to please your family even just once? Even if it means hurting someone else or pretending for the rest of your life?
  6. What is family? Somewhere to belong to or people you are related to?

Listen to my questions carefully, then listen to your answers.
And I wonder if there is such a thing as 'good' or 'bad' peace.