23 July 2009

Updating from my phone

Technically I'm still updating via web, just that I'm connected to the internet on my cell. It's kinda like writing an email.

It's two point five weeks until I turn 22. Wait until 1331 hours on 13 August, then it's official. I was born when the sun is highest in the sky, or just about. My mum was 24 when she had me. And they had to use forceps to 'force' me out because obviously I didn't want to be out. Thanks to that I now draw breath, is alive, and writing to you on my phone 22 years down the road in this mad mad world.

The first person to have wished me Happy Birthday this year happened to be a police officer who was guarding the gates at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where I had to settle some document issues. How sweet, but not cool, considering he went through my ID details when I had to exchange it with a visitor's pass. Ok well, I'd do that too if I were him. Hee.

Another thing that's funny was that I got curious about Twitter. The website that got people sounding like idiots since 2007. The concept only revolves around 'What are you doing?' and each entry you post has a limit of 140 characters. All the more reason to stay glued on virtual world. One update I saw on someone's Twitter page was ' I missed the bus.' And that was it.
It's a place where you can write about anything and people give a shit because everyone writes something for other people to give a shit about.
It's so annoyingly simple yet addictive. It is one business concept that plays with human mind.

I've just recovered from a series of abdominal pains caused by 'Nasi & Ayam Masak Merah' - a dish not even close to being spicy, on my part, but it has done its damage. There was no diarrhea and I only had to vomit once, so food poisoning was ruled out. Furthermore, none of my family members went through the same agony so the cleanliness of food was not to blame.

I have a stomach that HAS become sensitive to chilli and garlic. A certain amount can be too much, but I wouldn't know until my entire digestive system kicks up a fit. There was way too much pain it was impossible to move without getting more shocks of pain. I was bloated, heartburned, having fever and sweating. I didn't take painkillers since my stomach wouldn't accept anything so what I did was just feel the pain rather than go against it. 2 seconds felt like 2 minutes. 2 minutes, 2 hours.

Do you know what it felt like to know that I am not to indulge in spicy food again? It's like Winnie the Pooh being banned from honey. I didn't think I'd have to let go of spicy food but I have to try... Gradually to say the least, else the next series of abdominal pain I get can lead to ulcers and internal bleeding.

I haven't had a proper meal and it's been 4 days. I try to catch up slowly eating soft stuff like a baby and drinking warm soya milk (which is the only thing at this point that doesn't sting when it enters the stomach).
I'm just glad there's no more pain when I walk, sit, lie down, or stand.

At this point my fingers are killing me. It's not exactly ergonomical to type on my tiny qwerty phone keyboard so I will blabber again later.

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